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Universal life insurance is a combination of a life insurance policy which combines elements of term life insurance with an investment savings option. Universal life combines the ability to build savings at the same time as providing you a life insurance policy. You decide the amount of insurance you need to protect your family, assets, or your business in the event of your death. Like other types of life insurance, the premium and cost of insurance is calculated based on your age, health, and other risk factors. In addition to the insurance protection offered with universal life, your premiums are invested and have the potential to generate tax-advantaged growth. With this product, you get to choose the investment options within your policy. A portion of the universal life insurance monthly premium is put into the cost of the life policy which will provide the death benefit to your beneficiary and another portion of the premium is invested so it can be used as investment savings. The concept is that the investment will grow over time and eventually may even be able to pay for the premiums of the life portion of the policy.
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